I can’t say enough about Tasha—her training and coaching (for the humans) are second to none. Vega is a young pup with lots of energy that sometimes goes over the top. She also resource guards, which can be scary. Tasha shared ideas with me about how to deal with these scenarios and offers some really useful ideas that help me in the heat of the moment. Of course, we still have work to do, but I feel more prepared that I’ve ever been. She didn’t make me feel badly that we didn’t know the basics, but met everyone in the class where we were at. It is a validating and supportive experience. For a virtual class, I felt so connected.  I also really like that we get access to the videos and Facebook page even after class is over! The feedback she gives on training videos is worth the class alone. I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to her again or take another class—I only wish she were next door so I could thank her in person!