Separation Anxiety treatment for dogs in Mississauga, Toronto, Ontario, and around the world.

Separation anxiety support and coaching tailored to your dog and lifestyle, with a certified separation anxiety professional.

Helping your dog to recover, so you can relax.

Separation anxiety is one of the most common and most difficult challenges dog guardians encounter. It can develop at any age, and happen to any dog. The worry and stress that accompanies having a dog with separation anxiety can be overwhelming, leaving dog guardians feeling hopeless when it comes to leaving their dog.

Luckily, we’re able to lead stressed out dog guardians through a proven, gradual process to help their dogs feel comfortable while left alone.

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Build your dog’s confidence with humane Separation Anxiety Training

Designed for any dog struggling to be left alone, a certified Separation Anxiety Professional with in-depth knowledge on separation anxiety will lead you through gradual, daily exercises to help your dog feel better about being left alone.

How Does Separation Anxiety Training Work?

Increase your understanding of your dog's behaviour

Through video instruction, live discussion, and guided activities, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your dog’s behaviour. Separation anxiety training is done 100% virtually so that we are not interfering with your dog’s ability to gain confidence at being alone. 

Support from a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer

Each week, we’ll assess your dog’s stress thresholds and challenges, via video submission and you’ll get feedback tailored to your dog’s needs and the specifics of your home and lifestyle, you’ll be supported every step of the way. 

Daily Departure Training Plans

You’ll receive simple daily departure training activities 5 days a week, accessible from your phone or computer. Upon completion of a training activity, your trainer will review and adjust the plan so that your dog can gradually build their comfort at being alone.

Community Support

Living with a dog with separation anxiety can be an isolating and lonely experience. You’ll get access to community of supportive dog guardians who are in your shoes. 

What You Get

Peace of Mind

Breath a sigh of relief knowing you’re finally getting the support and training necessary to help your dog.

Humane Separation Anxiety Treatment Methods

Effective separation anxiety training with your dog’s emotional and physical well-being in mind. 

Daily Support

In addition to training exercises, you’ll receive direct access to a professional trainer for the duration of your program.

Separation Anxiety Training Packages

Ready to solve your dog’s separation anxiety?


Virtual Group Coaching

$427 CDN + Tax

You get

  • 5 week program led by a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer (SAPT)
  • One 40 minute consultation and alone time assessment
  • Daily training plans and feedback customized to your indivdiual dog
  • Submit videos for review of your dog’s progress,  by your SAPT trainer
  • Weekly “drop-in” zoom office hours for questions & support
  • An incredible community of people who are or have been in your shoes, you don’t have to do this alone anymore!

This option is best suited to those who

  • Are comfortable receiving instructions or coaching via text, video or voice message
  • Are able to video their dog during training exercises using smart phone, laptop or tablet
  • Are ready to commit to uploading videos and other files to a Google Drive multiple times per week
  • Committed to completing home alone training exercises with written instructions, 5 times per week
  • Can navigate web pages and fill out  information forms online

NOT suited to dogs who are destructive, self harm, have accidents in the house (see private sessions below)



This option is best suited to those who

  • have dogs who may be destructive, self harm, have accidents in the house
  • feel more comfortable with private 1 on 1 coaching via zoom, in addition to text and email messages.

Step One: Initial Consultation & Alone Time Assessment

$123 CDN + TAX

During this 60 – 80 min consultation, we will meet virtually (zoom) to:

  • Discuss your dog’s separation anxiety behaviours, including dispelling common misconceptions and myths
  • Review foundations and requirements of successful separation anxiety treatment plans
  • Conduct an initial alone time assessment and observation of your dog
  • Outline next steps for separation anxiety treatment training
  • A recording of the consultation and transcript is yours to keep (does not include a training plan)

STEP Two: 6 week Separation Anxiety Training Package

$637 CDN + TAX

Upon completion of your initial consultation, we’ll work together to help your dog feel better about being alone. All sessions are virtual, one on one. 

The treatment plan includes:

  • Short daily training exercises for 6 weeks to build your dog’s confidence with alone time, easy to access on your phone or computer
  • 4 x 40 minute private weekly sessions to coach you through the challenging aspects of your dog’s separation anxiety
  • Video submissions and review to assess your dog’s stress levels
  • Support via text from a certified separation anxiety trainer throughout the 6 week program.

The consultation fee is not deducted from the package cost. Additional options available upon completion of a 6 week plan, as needed. 

Misconceptions Around Separation Anxiety



You caused your dog’s separation anxiety


You should just let your dog cry it out


Your dog is being difficult, stubborn, or spiteful.


Your dog’s separation anxiety will resolve on its own



A multitude of factors contribute to separation anxiety including genetics, health, and environment.


Letting a dog who suffers with alone time issues “cry it out” will often only lead to further issues, prolonging your dog’s recovery.


Much like humans suffering with anxiety disorders, dog’s suffering from separation anxiety can’t control their outward display of anxiety.


If left untreated, separation anxiety can become worse, and take longer to resolve.

Signs of Separation Anxiety

dachshund, dapple, dog

Unable to relax, overly vigilant


Barking or crying excessively


Soiling in the house, diarrhea


Pacing, trembling, whining


Destructive behaviour: digging, scratching ripping or chewing


Escape attempts


Excessive licking, chewing of paws or other body parts


Not eating food or treats

Ready to solve your dog’s separation anxiety?

“We owe it all to Tasha. She seriously helped our family out so much, but more importantly Grizz. We have learned so much from our sessions. Her knowledge and love for dogs goes above and beyond anything we ever expected. Tasha changed our lives, gave us hope, and brought back my sanity.”

– Whitney & Grizzwald