Effective training for reactive dogs

Helping your reactive, nervous, or over excited dog feel better about the world, while reducing the overall frequency and intensity of their outbursts.

Reactivity is just a small part of your dog’s personality, but it can have a big impact on their life and yours.

If you share your life with a reactive dog, you know that this behaviour is just a small part of their personality. Your dog is also goofy, silly, fun, sensitive and affectionate. At the same time, managing their outbursts can be very stressful. You’re here because you want to help your dog be calmer and more relaxed in the world around them.

Welcome! That’s what this program is all about!

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From Roaring to Relaxed

Roaring To Relaxed gives you a personal guide to help you uncover why your dog behaves the way they do, and gives you a practical training plan that’s easy to integrate into your routine.

In just 8 weeks, you’ll enjoy time spent with your dog, instead of feeling isolated, stressed out and powerless. And your dog? Well, they’ll be feeling calmer, happier and more content too.

 Reactive Dog Training Details

Super-Human Skills

Develop your ability to react to and manage your dog’s reactivity. We’ll give you essential skills for reading dog body language, improving your training, and advocating for your dog.

Strategies, Patterns, & Games

Build your “reactivity toolkit” with a comprehensive training plan. You’ll gain strategies, games, and techniques to help reduce the frequency and intensity of your dog’s reactive displays.

Leash Handling Skills

Essential for managing your dog’s reactivity, to people or other dogs, you’ll learn safe and effective leash handling skills. 

Relaxation & Decompression

Behaviour is a whole body experience. Learn how nervous system responses influence your dog’s behaviour, and how to help your dog decompress.

“The skills and confidence we have gained as dog guardians has been hugely helpful – we came into the program thinking our dog was going to be trained, but quickly realized we needed the training too. We now know how to deal with situations we encounter when we’re out and about, and we have many tools to use to help our dog from being triggered.”

Katherine & Val, Guardians of Blizzard

Program Details

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Orientation (90 Minute virtual group session)

During orientation, you’ll receive an in-depth understanding of your dog’s behaviour, and materials to get your training started right away.

4 Private Training Sessions (virtual or in person)

Your private training sessions tailored to your dog’s specific needs. You will learn or practice at least 3 skills and reactivity training games in each class. 

3 Group Practice Sessions

We meet for small group (2 – 3 other dogs) practice sessions in our training facility. You will be working with your dog with immediate feedback from our certified trainers, in a supportive environment with people facing the same challenges. The goal is to help your dog learn to coexist calmly and comfortably in the general vicinity of other dogs (not face to face introductions).   Note: Not all dogs are suitable for group practice, for dogs that are very fearful of people may be restricted to private sessions. 

Weekly Support and Education for Human Side of the Leash

This is an intensive 8 week program during which you can expect to increase your understanding of reactivity and improve your training skills.  To  make the most out of our time together, you will receive video tutorials or educational information direct to your inbox  2 x a week so that you are prepared for what we will be doing in our sessions classes.  You can expect to spend 30 minutes a week on these videos, and 30 – 45 minutes per week practicing with your dog between classes. This is a mandatory component of the program. 

Client Portal Lifetime Access

Forget having to try and remember everything, you’ll get instant access to a vault of training videos that you can revisit anytime. You can also share these with other members of your family or household, so everyone’s on the same page.

Roaring to Relaxed Facebook Community

Join a community of supportive dog guardians who have been in your shoes. Receive support, ask questions, and connect with fellow reactive dog guardians.

Professional Instruction

Led by Tasha Shaw-Verbic, a certified training partner with Karen Pryor Academy, with over 15 years experience training people and their dogs. Training methods are humane, force free, positive reinforcement techniques based on ethical, canine welfare centered principles. 

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By the end of our time together, you’ll have the tools and skills you need to transform your dog’s behaviour, so you can enjoy your relationship free from chaos.

We highly recommend Tasha to anyone looking for a dog trainer specialized in separation anxiety and reactivity. When our puppy started to exhibit these behaviours, life became so much harder and we were at a total loss. We could not leave her for even one minute without her being very distressed. Fortunately, we found Tasha. She was always supportive and so understanding of the challenges in those early days. She not only helped us understand our dog’s behaviour, but also connected us with a wonderful community of owners going through the exact same experiences. Although we live several hours away from her, the option of online classes and support through text/email/zoom made the distance disappear. We are able to leave her now for hours at a time and get ours lives back. More importantly, our pup is now a much healthier, calmer and more confident version of her younger self!

Spencer & Cathy 

“UPDATE: It’s been a few months since we took the Roaring to Relaxed course with Tasha and just recently we have seen an incredible transformation in my dog – the result of sticking with this program- she is calm around other dogs, does a proper nose to tail greeting and is 100% more relaxed – it’s like i have a different dog in the end of the leash i couldn’t be happier or recommend this course more highly (what follows is my review just after we took the course).”

“Tasha is an amazing trainer – we have been working with her for the past 10 weeks to deal with reactivity issues and I feel like I have an extraordinary tool kit now to help my dog. She has been making steady improvement. The course is thorough and Tasha provides continues and varied feedback (in person, over videos, through the online zoom sessions, emails and text). I give this course my highest recommendation — we have been through several trainers and Tasha is the best.”

Susan R.  

“Today was the first time I’ve taken Sonny into the vet. He’s 1.5 years old, but because of Covid, I’ve always had to wait in the car. On the walk in, we passed three dogs at close range. When I saw them coming I would nose touch him behind me, into a corner or turned away from the other dog. Once the dog passed we 1-2-3ed to our exam room. The technician complimented me on my great techniques to get Sonny to the room. While waiting, we played games.

Overall I felt very prepared because of the tools I learned from the Roaring to Relaxed class!”


“We loved our training experience with Tasha. Tasha’s positive approach to training provided effective strategies in helping us manage our reactive dog. We have noticed a significant decline in outbursts and feel confident to handle any challenges that come our way. Tasha has a genuine interest in the dogs in her program as well as their guardians. I highly recommend Tasha and Fearless Tails!”

Lisa C. 

“Tasha! Thank you for all that you do! As a recent graduate of the Roaring to Relaxed Program, I’m grateful to have you in our journey. Our search for the right ‘unicorn’ (you’re so much more than a certified professional) was extensive. Your approach is os thoughtful and comes from a place of knowledge, experience, empathy and compassion; and your genuine care for us as dog guardians. Fast forward only a few months – I cannot believe the experience we had today! 6 dogs and no reaction from Geneva! A win and a milestone for sure!”

Amy K.