Effective training for reactive dogs

Helping your reactive, nervous, or over excited dog feel better about the world, while reducing the overall frequency and intensity of their outbursts.

Reactivity is just a small part of your dog’s personality, but it can have a big impact on their life and yours.

If you share your life with a reactive dog, you know that this behaviour is just a small part of their personality. Your dog is also goofy, silly, fun, sensitive and affectionate. At the same time, managing their outbursts can be very stressful. You’re here because you want to help your dog be calmer and more relaxed in the world around them.

Welcome! That’s what this program is all about!

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From Roaring to Relaxed

A comprehensive, 10-week program designed for “reactive” dogs of all ages who need help to process excitement, fear, or frustration.

 Reactive Dog Training Details

Super-Human Skills

Develop your ability to react to and manage your dog’s reactivity. We’ll give you essential skills for reading dog body language, improving your training, and advocating for your dog.

Strategies, Patterns, & Games

Build your “reactivity toolkit” with a comprehensive training plan. You’ll gain strategies, games, and techniques to help reduce the frequency and intensity of your dog’s reactive displays.

Leash Handling Skills

Essential for managing your dog’s reactivity, you’ll learn safe and effective leash handling skills 

Relaxation & Decompression

Behaviour is a whole body experience. Learn how nervous system responses influence your dog’s behaviour, and how to help your dog decompress.

Program Details

dachshund, dapple, dog
Orientation (90 Minutes)

During orientation, you’ll receive an in-depth understanding of your dog’s behaviour, and materials to get your training started right away.

Weekly 1-Hour Virtual Classes

You’ll attend one virtual class per week, where you will be working actively with your dog in  the comfort of home or backyard.

Drop In Office Hours

Drop in to weekly office hours to discuss your specific situation and gain valuable insights about your dog’s training as you progress.

We’ll meet with you privately to check in and provide additional support to facilitate lasting behaviour change with your dog.

Submit Videos for Continuous Feedback

Keep your progress on track and prevent any sticking points before they happen. We’ll give you constructive feedback to keep you moving.

Comprehensive Class Workbook

Receive in-depth hand-outs, checklists, and worksheets to keep you on track with resolving your dog’s reactivity.

Client Portal Lifetime Access

Receive lifetime access to the class portal where you can rewatch class sessions, instructional videos, and download resources.

Roaring to Relaxed Facebook Community

Join a community of supportive dog guardians who have been in your shoes. Receive support, ask questions, and connect with fellow reactive dog parents.

Trainer Support in Your Pocket

Get support from your certified trainer for the duration of your program.

Professional Instruction

Led by Tasha Shaw-Verbic, a certified training partner with Karen Pryor Academy. Training methods are science based, positive reinforcement techniques only.

dachshund, dapple, dog


Payment in Full


$880 CDN

Payment via Stripe or PayPal.


Installment Plan


4 monthly payments of $229 CDN each.

This option includes payment processing fees.


“Today was the first time I’ve taken Sonny into the vet. He’s 1.5 years old, but because of Covid, I’ve always had to wait in the car. On the walk in, we passed three dogs at close range. When I saw them coming I would nose touch him behind me, into a corner or turned away from the other dog. Once the dog passed we 1-2-3ed to our exam room. The technician complimented me on my great techniques to get Sonny to the room. While waiting, we played games.

Overall I felt very prepared because of the tools I learned from the Roaring to Relaxed class!”


“We loved our training experience with Tasha. Tasha’s positive approach to training provided effective strategies in helping us manage our reactive dog. We have noticed a significant decline in outbursts and feel confident to handle any challenges that come our way. Tasha has a genuine interest in the dogs in her program as well as their guardians. I highly recommend Tasha and Fearless Tails!”

Lisa C. 

“Tasha! Thank you for all that you do! As a recent graduate of the Roaring to Relaxed Program, I’m grateful to have you in our journey. Our search for the right ‘unicorn’ (you’re so much more than a certified professional) was extensive. Your approach is os thoughtful and comes from a place of knowledge, experience, empathy and compassion; and your genuine care for us as dog guardians. Fast forward only a few months – I cannot believe the experience we had today! 6 dogs and no reaction from Geneva! A win and a milestone for sure!”

Amy K. 

Tasha is the first trainer who has shown true empathy towards us as dog owners. She really wants to hear about our frustrations and struggles as we manage living with and training a reactive dog. As a result, she’s helped us feel more empathetic towards Dewey and better understand his reactivity; he’s not trying to be difficult; he’s scared, anxious and frustrated. With the tools she’s given us, we have a stronger relationship with Dewey and can more confidently manage his reactivity. I also appreciate that she holds owners accountable; she wants to see training videos so that she can help you improve.   Best of all, we’ve seen real changes in Dewey.  We are so appreciative to Tasha; her expert guidance has helped make those changes happen. 

Kenzie & Brian 

Our family reached out to Tasha at Fearless Tails for our 3-year-old Soft Coated Wheaten named Ollie. Through COVID, our pup had developed some unfortunate behavioural issues, especially anxiety and noticeable triggers, we had reached our limits. Tasha took us under her proverbial wing and immediately began the necessary steps to act fast, all while being supportive and positive through every lesson. Another significant part of all of this was that she helped us (Ollie’s Daddies). We found that usually when Ollie would be triggered, we would blame ourselves – pretty much for every misstep. Tasha recognized this right away. She worked through the basics, step by step and started giving us the tools to reclaim the sweet puppy we loved and adored before triggers and also refocus our lives so that each day wasn’t focused on stress and the blame game. Training continues to be an ongoing process, but we can confidently say that if you are looking for help when it comes to training or fixing any issues you might think are beyond control – Tasha will be your greatest asset. Enough can not be said about her thoughtful, professional approach towards behavioural refocusing. She has helped us settle into a calm, methodical approach that has had excellent results with Ollie. Thank you, Tasha, for your incredible service – keep up the tireless work you do!

Ryan & Miles