Private puppy training for busy guardians in Prince Edward County, Quinte and Greater Toronto Area

Exclusive training programs to give your puppy the skills & confidence to thrive.

Make the most of your puppy’s essential learning period so you get the resilient and well behaved pup you dreamed of.

The early weeks and months of your puppy’s development is critical to their wellbeing and their future behaviour, get started with their training now, not after they’re fully vaccinated.

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Here are just a few things that set our puppy programs apart from others 

  • Our services means you don’t need to juggle your busy day, family priorities while also finding the time, energy and patience to train your puppy every day.
  • Immediate focus on on integrating the behaviours your puppy learns into your home and family, no more “they did it in class but not at home”.
  • Providing guardians the education they need to understand the why’s and how’s of their puppy’s behaviour.
  • Led by a multi certified, professional trainer, who is committed to humane and ethical training that respects your dog’s unique personality and well-being.
  • No fear, intimidation, or pain will ever be used. We do not use or recommend slip, choke, prong or e-collars or vibration collars. We will support you if you are currently using one and wish to safely explore other training methods.

Our exclusive puppy programs: 

Puppy Power Training Package

Customized puppy training sessions

1 hour orientation designed to help you understand every phase of your pup’s development and how it impacts their behaviour

6 private lessons either weekly or biweekly at your home or our location

Access to video tutorials to ensure you keep your pup on track between lessons

Positive puppy socialization plans customized to your lifestyle and environment

Ultimate Puppy Day School

Your puppy gets the skills and experiences they need to thrive as adults while you get a little more time back in your day!

We provide your puppy with dedicated training, socialization, and play in either full or half day school sessions.  Let us do (most of) the hard work for you, ensuring that your puppy comes home ready to relax and bond with you after your busy day.

Also included are private training lessons, access to all our video turtorials, and ongoing support to keep your pup on track. 

Puppy Board & Train

We are one of only a few multi-certified, positive reinforcement board and train programs in Ontario!

In addition to attending our day school program, for training, socialization and enrichment, your puppy lives with me in our home, benefiting from multiple training sessions per day, then we work with you for a minimum of 4 weeks to make sure you’re successful once your pup is home. 

*option in our home or yours. 

“We started working with Tasha when our British Bulldog, Miss Mable, was about 5 months old. Within a session we were working on basic commands and addressing pressing issues (potty training!). As COVID lifted and we started to go out more, alone time and separation anxiety also became a concern. With Tasha’s support and her compassionate, methodical systems, it was a straightforward process to ensure she was calm when we left. Mable is now a happy, confident teenager who loves to walk, cuddle and play with respect. We will continue to work with Tasha throughout Mable’s life to ensure ongoing progress and fun. Thank you Fearless Tails!”

Franco C. 

We were looking for a trainer that we could work with over multiple sessions to help with our Bernedoodle pup Seba’s adolescent phase. We wanted to focus on leash walking (our pup was pulling the leash A LOT), how to greet visitors (especially since we haven’t had many because of COVID) and recall. The meet & greet with Tasha was super helpful – I immediately felt comfortable that we would be working with her and felt confident that we would make progress on our areas of focus. Tasha provided useful tips and tricks for us to use as a family and was willing to answer questions throughout and adjust the training plan as needed. In addition, working with Tasha over the course of a few months enabled us to see Seba’s progress and prioritize what we wanted to work on for our final sessions. Would highly recommend working with Tasha and Fearless Tails for your training needs!

Serra S. 

Working with Tasha was such a wonderful experience. She is very positive, organized, caring, truly knowledgeable and understands dogs’ behaviours and everything. She taught and provided my family lots of information and techniques which really helped us understand our pup.( From puppy to adolescent phase) We are looking forward to work with her more in the future.
Thank you, Tasha.

Joseph H. 

From helping us work on loose leash walking, training to accept ear drops, guidance with picky eating and absolutely everything in between, Tasha’s knowledge and endless patience has been the key to our successful training with Piper so far. To say we are grateful is an understatement.

Lucia & Josh 

Even though we’ve adopted many adult dogs, we needed help with our new rescue puppy. Tasha gave us the knowledge and guidance we needed to improve Rufus’ recall, leash manners on busy roads and to reduce his separation anxiety as he got used to his new home.

Rob & Laura 
Puppy Socialization Guide

Essential to a well-adjusted, happy, & confident dog.