Tasha Shaw-Verbic, KPA-CTP, SA Pro, FDM.

Tasha Shaw-Verbic, KPA-CTP, SA Pro, FDM.

Hi, I’m Tasha! I help focused and dedicated dog guardians transform challenges into behaviour they can be proud of.

I am a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP) and a certified Separation Anxiety Behaviour Consultant (SA Pro), with a background in adult education and learning design. I use only humane, science based methods that you will feel good about using with your dog. Positive reinforcement, reward based training is the only training method supported by both the Canadian and American associations of veterinary medicine. 

My programs include fun and effective training activities that are easy to incorporate into daily life so that you can spend less energy worrying about your dog’s behaviour and more time enjoying their company. 

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I’m looking forward to hearing from you!