A unique day camp retreat for your dog in Prince Edward County!

You’re here to have fun, why not give your dog an amazing time too, so they can come home ready to relax with you?

A fun retreat and behaviour boost for your dog, while you enjoy all that Prince Edward County has to offer!

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What is your dog doing while you’re in Prince Edward County?

Treat your dog to a totally unique(& insanely fun!) training retreat

Whether you’re in the county for a wedding, bridal shower, weekend getaway or longer vacation, give your dog the time of its life while also improving their behaviour! You can relax knowing your dog is having fun and getting a behaviour boost. 

dachshund, dapple, dog

Our exclusive dog retreats are tailored to your furry family member. 

Your dog will not only come home tired and ready to relax, but with lots of new skills too! 

Your dog spends their time with a certified trainer and training team, dedicated to your dog’s individual fun, learning and wellbeing in the heart of Prince Edward County. Our unique 3 hour play and train retreats include:

  • 1 Sniffery session: a private scavenger hunt for handmade treats featuring local ingredients, set in a fully fenced yard with dog only play house
  • 2 – 3 private training starter sessions based on 1 – 2 behaviours you identify
  • Supervised play time and/or a walk with a trainer
  • 3 month access to our online training video tutorials so that you can continue what your dog has learned at home
  • Activities can be adapted for puppies, senior or special needs dogs. 

All retreat activities are private unless dogs are from the same family household ($89 per additional dog).  Dogs who are fearful or reactive to people or other dogs are not suitable for retreats.  

dachshund, dapple, dog

Located in Bloomfield, Prince Edward County at the Sniffery!

Pups in PEC Retreat is a totally unique and incredibly fun experience for your dog. Located at the Sniffery in Bloomfield, with fully fenced yard, access to trails and indoor training space.

Training sessions can cover areas such as basic manners and skills, leash walking, tricks, crate training games, nail filing, less stressful grooming and more! Dogs who are fearful or reactive to people or other dogs are not be suitable for retreats.

3 hour appts beginning at 9am and 2pm only. 

$227 CDN

Why have your dog just follow you around on a leash, when they can have a fun retreat of their own and be ready to relax? 

Humane Training

Essential to a well-adjusted, happy, & confident dog.

In an unregulated industry such as dog training, it’s important to understand the facts around methodology and the effects on your dog’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Both the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior have released statements addressing the benefits of humane training methods, and the unintended fallout of more “traditional” methods.