Cooperative Care Training for Less Stress Handling

Helping your dog to enjoy the groomers, vet visits, and routine care. 

Taking care of your dog’s health, hygiene, and care can be a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be.

If your dog has a hard time with routine care such as nail trims, receiving medication, or visiting the vet or groomers, you’re not alone. Dogs experiencing such fear often resist, struggle, growl, and even bite. Labeled as “difficult” or “high maintenance”, necessary care often gets put off or struggled through, leaving dog guardians feeling frustrated, guilty, and even hopeless. 

Fortunately, we can help our dogs feel better about these experiences and become willing participants, leading to less stress for you and your dog.

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Introducing “Say Yes” Consent Foundations for Cooperative Care

A comprehensive, weekly program designed to help your dog feel comfortable at the groomer, vet, and with routine care procedures.

What You’ll Gain

A more confident, more cooperative dog

Learn how to teach your dog to be a willing participant by getting them to “opt in” for grooming and health procedures.

A Stronger Relationship

Giving your dog the ability to be prepared for care routines builds trust, leading to a better relationship and communication between you and your dog.

Less Stressful Appointments & Procedures

Say goodbye to the constant battle of wills. Having a dog who trusts and enjoys the process leads to worry-free appointments.

Program Details

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Personalized Coaching

Your dog’s needs are unique! We’ll make sure you’re progressing with coaching tailored to your goals.  We begin with an one hour orientation and in depth review of the improvements you’d like your dog ot make. Then we meet once per week via zoom, and you’ll follow your own training plan with guidance on every step. 

Continual Feedback

Submit your practice videos to be reviewed by a certified trainer. We’ll give you constructive feedback to keep you moving. You’ll also gain access to a community of super supportive dog guardians working on the exact same things you are. 

Trainer Support in Your Pocket

Get support from your trainer for the duration of your program.

Certified, Professional Instruction

Led by Tasha Shaw-Verbic, a certified training partner with Karen Pryor Academy. Training methods are science based, positive reinforcement techniques only.

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Ready for a Cooperative Canine?

Say Yes to Stress-Less Grooming & Vet Visits!

Instead of…


Struggling to wrangle your dog…


Avoiding vet and grooming appointments…


Tricking your dog into nail trims or procedures…


Feeling guilty about how much your dog hates handling…

What if you could…


Have an active and eager participant?


Easily perform procedures, nail trims and grooming?


Teach your dog to willingly hold in position for necessary exams and grooming?


Feel excited about how happy and stress-free your dog is when it comes to activities they previously hated?

If you’re ready to finally help your dog feel better about handling and stress less yourself, this program is for you!

Ready for a Cooperative Canine? 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any prerequisites?

No, this course is suitable for all dog guardians who want to better understand how to create comfort and regardless of experience.  It’s also perfect for groomers and other pet professionals who want to provide their client’s dogs with a less stressful handling experience.

How do I get support between sessions with my trainer?

In between classes, participants are requested to share videos of their homework for personalized feedback. Participants can also text their trainer with quick questions. 

Do I need any special equipment?

No special equipment is needed. During class we will use pillows, towels, short stools or a stack of books and other common household objects (plastic containers, cups etc), and dog supplies (comb, brush, shampoo bottle etc).

My dog bites when we try to groom or go to the vet, can I still take this class?

You can definitely take this class, and you will be supported in working at your dog’s pace. Consent and Cooperative Care is very helpful for dogs who feel so unsafe or stressed that they bite. 

You will be asked if your dog has a bite history when you register for class.  If the answer is yes, we will contact you to discuss further, in order to put you and your dog’s safety and well-being first.

The guidance I received has been instrumental in helping me with my dogs over many years, including a high energy jack russell and a (different) sensitive jack russell who is nervous of grooming and sounds. Tasha’s patient and calm approach has always been clear and unintimidating. My pups and I are so grateful for her.