Behaviour modification for dogs in Prince Edward County, Quinte, Lennox & Addington, and around the world.

Fearless Tails provides dog training services tailored to the dedicated dog guardian and their specific needs.

Spend More Time Enjoying Your Dog And Less Time Managing Their Behaviour.

If you’re struggling with behaviour concerns like leash reactivity, resource guarding, fear or aggression issues, we know how frustrating it can feel. We’ll help you turn those feelings of frustration and worry into a sense of accomplishment knowing you’re finally getting on top of your dog’s behaviour.

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Behaviour Modification

Designed for dogs of any age, our private behaviour modification services are catered to your dog and specific situation. We’ll work with you one-on-one towards transforming your dog’s behaviour without the use of fear, pain, or intimidation.

Why Choose Private Training with Fearless Tails?

In-Depth Initial Consultation

Get a full picture of your dog’s behaviour and how to proceed

Customized Training

Training tailored to your lifestyle and dog’s individual needs, arming you with the skills and knowledge you need to make a difference with your dog.

Video Tutorials & Guides

Gain access to our library of tutorials to help you progress

Support in Your Pocket

Direct access to a professional trainer for the duration of your program via text.

Humane, Positive Reinforcement Methods

Effective training with your dog’s emotional and physical well-being in mind

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Our Approach

Behaviour modification is an in depth program that uses a variety of approaches with the goal of changing how a dog feels, think and then acts. Common challenges that are addressed through behaviour modifcation plans may include resource guarding, fear of people, dogs, situations; rescue dogs adapting to their new home, etc. 

With behaviour modification you can expect that we will use reward based training techniques, games and other strategies to gradually improve your dogs physiological and emotional welfare, so that they can learn to act differently.   

Techniques we don’t use: tools such as electronic vibration, shock, prong, spray, physical corrections or techniques intended to stop or suppress the outward behaviour using discomfort, fear, anxiety or pain. We do not provide guarantees – outcomes vary by dog, family, environment and many other variables. Check out the Humane training resources at the bottom of this page for more information.

Behaviour Modification services are provided in a combination of virtual and/or in-person at our location in Bloomfield, PEC; at our discretion.

Step 1. Initial Consultation, 80 minutes

The initial consultation is an 80 minute behaviour assessment at our location or via zoom. We engage in an in-depth discussion and assessment of your dog’s history and current challenges, your goals.  After the initial consultation, clients may choose to enrol in a behaviour modification package.

During the session you will receive

+ Immediate management strategies to help prevent your dog from rehearsing the unwanted behaviour

+ If appropriate, introductory level training steps to take

+ Suggestions and recommendations on what a behaviour modification plan would include for your specific situation and dog, should you decide to proceed with behaviour modification package.

Within 3 business days after the consultation you will receive:

+ Written summary of management and training recommendations. If appropriate links to handouts or resources to support these activities.

$169 +HST

*for dogs that have challenges with people, your intial consultation will be virtual. There is no need for your dog to spend the time being stressed out and amped up or frightened while we talk. 

Behaviour Modification Session Packages

After your initial consultation, the following packages are available to support you in working towards your behaviour goals for your dog. Depending on the amount of practice and implementation you are able to do with your dog each week, your sessions may be weekly or bi-weekly.

Sessions are conducted at our facility in Bloomfield or via zoom as appropriate.

Packages include

  • 45 minute training and coaching sessions
  • Hands on training practice and feedback
  • Detailed written learning and practice plans for each stage of your dog’s training
  • Ongoing assessment and evaluation of progress during the program
  • Video tutorials and/or handouts for each technique in your training plan
  • Progress checklist to help keep you on track
  • Trainer in your pocket wtih voice-text support between your sessions
  • Access to our Roaring to Relaxed community, an incredibly supportive group of people who are or have been in your shoes.

5 session package: $675 + HST

Payment plans are available.

Single Session Follow Up

Upon completion of a behaviour modification training package, clients may wish to schedule additional sessions or require a follow up to fine tune their techniques or behaviours if sometime has passsed. 

Single sessions are available at $110/hr and will include written follow up. 

Add on packages of 3 or more available at 5% off. 

Ready for a behaviour boost?

When you select your date, you’ll then be prompted to complete a new client information form, as well as a training agreement. Completion of these steps will reserve your consultation date.  An invoice for the consultation fee will follow and is due 5 days prior to your consultation. 

Instead of…


Feeling frustrated with your dog’s behaviour


Being embarrassed by your dog’s behaviour


Relying on google or facebook for information


Not knowing which training technique to use when your dog has an outburst


Struggling to determine what steps to take to help your dog feel better, calmer or more safe


Living with the stress of your dog’s behaviour without a clear plan forward

What if you could…


Have a better understanding of why your dog engages in certain behaviours?


Feel supported in your training journey by a multi-certified trainer and clients who have been in your shoes?


Have a strategy and progressive plan to address your dog’s challenges?


Feel more confident in knowing what steps to take to reduce your dogs outbursts?


Improve your dog’s physiological and emotional welfare through humane behaviour modification?

Ready for a Behaviour Boost?

We highly recommend Tasha to anyone looking for a dog trainer specialized in separation anxiety and reactivity. When our puppy started to exhibit these behaviours, life became so much harder and we were at a total loss. We could not leave her for even one minute without her being very distressed. Fortunately, we found Tasha. She was always supportive and so understanding of the challenges in those early days. She not only helped us understand our dog’s behaviour, but also connected us with a wonderful community of owners going through the exact same experiences. Although we live several hours away from her, the option of online classes and support through text/email/zoom made the distance disappear. We are able to leave her now for hours at a time and get ours lives back. More importantly, our pup is now a much healthier, calmer and more confident version of her younger self!

Spencer & Cathy 

“UPDATE: It’s been a few months since we took the Roaring to Relaxed course with Tasha and just recently we have seen an incredible transformation in my dog – the result of sticking with this program- she is calm around other dogs, does a proper nose to tail greeting and is 100% more relaxed – it’s like i have a different dog in the end of the leash i couldn’t be happier or recommend this course more highly (what follows is my review just after we took the course).”

“Tasha is an amazing trainer – we have been working with her for the past 10 weeks to deal with reactivity issues and I feel like I have an extraordinary tool kit now to help my dog. She has been making steady improvement. The course is thorough and Tasha provides continues and varied feedback (in person, over videos, through the online zoom sessions, emails and text). I give this course my highest recommendation — we have been through several trainers and Tasha is the best.”

Susan R.  

“We started working with Tasha when our British Bulldog, Miss Mable, was about 5 months old. Within a session we were working on basic commands and addressing pressing issues (potty training!). As COVID lifted and we started to go out more, alone time and separation anxiety also became a concern. With Tasha’s support and her compassionate, methodical systems, it was a straightforward process to ensure she was calm when we left. Mable is now a happy, confident teenager who loves to walk, cuddle and play with respect. We will continue to work with Tasha throughout Mable’s life to ensure ongoing progress and fun. Thank you Fearless Tails!”

Franco C. 

We were looking for a trainer that we could work with over multiple sessions to help with our Bernedoodle pup Seba’s adolescent phase. We wanted to focus on leash walking (our pup was pulling the leash A LOT), how to greet visitors (especially since we haven’t had many because of COVID) and recall. The meet & greet with Tasha was super helpful – I immediately felt comfortable that we would be working with her and felt confident that we would make progress on our areas of focus. Tasha provided useful tips and tricks for us to use as a family and was willing to answer questions throughout and adjust the training plan as needed. In addition, working with Tasha over the course of a few months enabled us to see Seba’s progress and prioritize what we wanted to work on for our final sessions. Would highly recommend working with Tasha and Fearless Tails for your training needs!

Serra S. 

Working with Tasha was such a wonderful experience. She is very positive, organized, caring, truly knowledgeable and understands dogs’ behaviours and everything. She taught and provided my family lots of information and techniques which really helped us understand our pup.( From puppy to adolescent phase) We are looking forward to work with her more in the future.
Thank you, Tasha.

Joseph H. 
Humane Training

Essential to a well-adjusted, happy, & confident dog.

In an unregulated industry such as dog training, it’s important to understand the facts around methodology and the effects on your dog’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Both the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association and American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior have released statements addressing the benefits of humane training methods, and the unintended fallout of more “traditional” methods.