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Roaring to Relaxed for Reactive Dogs

Help your reactive, nervous or over excited dog feel better about the world around them, while reducing the overall frequency and intensity of their outbursts.

Behaviour Boosts - Private Training

All dogs are good dogs! If you’re struggling with some frustrating behaviours or if you’re looking for a complete foundation training, private training provides a variety of options to give your dog’s behaviour a boost!

Separation Anxiety

The worry and stress that accompanies having a dog with separation anxiety can be overwhelming. Improve your dog’s wellbeing and reduce your stress around leaving, but helping them to feel better about being alone. 

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CVMA statement on Humane Training Methods for Dogs

AVSAB Position Statement on HumaNE Dog Training

“Training methods that reward desired behaviour (i.e. positive reinforcement) such as clicker training and the use of food, toys, play and praise as motivators are strongly recommended . The use of positive reinforcement alone has been found to be significantly associated with a lower number of undesirable behaviors and reduced attention-seeking, aggression and fear (avoidance). In addition, there is evidence that it may improve a dog’s subsequent ability to learn.”

CVMA Humane Training Methods for Dogs Position Statement

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